Aunt life is the best life!

4 beautiful nieces

100+ trips to Chick-Fil-A

to the best guy and number one supporter, Keenan

2 years of marriage

90+ weddings captured

4+ years in business

the Bella Roark Wedding Experience →

Photography became my full-time career. I’ve never been happier to work for couples like you, preserving your treasured memories in every photo.


I booked my first solo wedding! While I was thrilled to take the leap and shoot my first wedding, it turned out to be a dream come true. I haven’t looked back since! 


My lifelong fascination with weddings led me to invest in a game-changing wedding photography workshop. This marked a turning point in my career, and I second shot my first wedding.


My dad challenged me to truly master my point-and-shoot camera. He promised me a new camera once I mastered it. This opened the door for me to pursue portrait photography.


I received my very own camera. My passion for photography took off as I started snapping photos of nature and sports. 


My photography experience kicked off with some trusty disposable cameras, courtesy of my fantastic grandma. They became my first tools for capturing every moment with my little brothers.


The BRP Story

the Bella Roark Wedding Experience →

I’m here to ensure you feel confident and truly celebrated as you embrace the love, beauty, and joy of your special day!

Consider me your wedding day hype girl!